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Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief in Austin, TX

Residents of Austin, TX and the neighboring communities are invited to visit the Chiropractic Offices of Roy A. Logan, DC when searching for relief from shoulder pain and neck pain. Our Round Rock Chiropractor relieves shoulder and neck pain so you are able to return to the activities you enjoy. Do not let the tenderness and discomfort of shoulder and neck pain interfere with your work and play. Dr. Roy A. Logan has solutions that are natural, drug-free and surgery alternatives. Let us show you how chiropractic treatment plans easily fit into your schedule to alleviate your discomfort quickly and effectively.

shoulder and neck pain relief in Round Rock

Auto Accident Injury Recovery with Your Round Rock Chiropractor

Your shoulder and neck pain may have appeared suddenly if you were involved in an auto accident. Sometimes, the pain from an accident does not appear for several days and our chiropractor evaluates your injuries to determine the best course of treatment. For instance, if whiplash is the cause of your shoulder and neck pain because you were rear-ended and your head snapped forward and backward, Dr. Logan will gently adjust your neck and upper back to place your spine in a more comfortable position. Then, our health team helps you overcome the muscle soreness of whiplash through massage therapy and lifestyle guidance. Our massage therapist prevents scar tissue from forming in your neck and shoulders if your pain is the result of an injury. Reduced scar tissue means greater mobility and less discomfort.

Round Rock Chiropractic Adjustment Care for Your Shoulders and Neck

If your neck and shoulder pain is not caused by an accident, it may have occurred over time from overuse or repetitive movements. For example, if you perform the same job every day that stresses your shoulders, your pain may be due to overuse. In other cases, neck and shoulder pain may be the result of a vertebra that has slipped out of alignment, a postural challenge such as scoliosis or from an instant condition such as a frozen shoulder. Dr. Logan thoroughly examines your upper back, neck, and shoulders to determine if a spinal subluxation is a concern. If so, Round Rock chiropractic adjustment care for your shoulder and neck includes gentle manipulations that slide the vertebrae into alignment to lessen your pain. Gentle adjustments may also be performed on your shoulder joint to encourage flexibility and reduce discomfort. 

Our chiropractic treatments for neck and shoulder pain are natural. Chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and corrective exercises do not require medications to be effective. Our health team shows you how to strengthen your neck and shoulders to reduce pain and we also educate you on flexibility exercises to keep your mobility.

Come Visit Your Austin Chiropractor Today!

Whether your neck and shoulder pain are the results of an auto accident, overuse, poor posture, joint instability or a spinal condition, we have options to heal your discomfort. New patient packages are available. For more information, or to schedule your first visit, please contact us at 512-215-3256.