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Corrective Exercises with our Chiropractor Austin TX

At Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic, we use a holistic approach to healing your shoulder pain, back pain, and neck pain. After our chiropractor Austin TX examines your discomfort and uncovers the source of your pain, he assembles a complete chiropractic care plan for healing. Part of this plan may include the use of corrective exercises. Exercise is an essential part of your recovery and also leads to overall improvements in your health. Whether your back pain and neck pain appeared suddenly following an accident or injury, or if your pain gradually increased in intensity, our holistic approach provides relief.

corrective exercise with ball

Exercise for Pain Relief in Austin

Back, neck, hip, knee, wrist, ankle and shoulder pain all respond well to therapeutic exercises. At Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic, we use Theraband exercise balls and Theraband resistance bands as part of your fitness program. The exercise ball provides an unstable surface for exercises such as abdominal crunches, spinal extensions, and bench presses. When you perform exercises on the Theraband ball, you activate a higher number of muscle fibers to improve your balance, core strength and overall muscular endurance. We encourage you to purchase a Theraband ball for use at home so you are able to continue your workouts throughout the week. This weekly practice speeds your recovery, improve your fitness level and decreases your pain.

We also show you how to perform Theraband resistance band exercises. The Therabands have the feel of a giant rubber band. When contracted, they are compact and easily transported to home or work. When you stretch the band, you feel the resistance and your muscles respond with strength improvements. The bands offer a gentle yet effective strength training workout that is easier on your joints than other weight training tools such as dumbbells or weight machines. Therefore, they are an effective tool when recovering from an injury. You are able to strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints to offer increased support and stability when you use a Theraband.

Contact Our Austin Chiropractor Today

Not only do our exercise programs speed your injury recovery, they also help prevent future injuries. The stronger your core, arms, and legs, the less susceptible you are to a muscle strain or joint injury. If you are seeking weight loss to decrease back pain and improve your health, our wellness team teaches you exercises to perform at home that will increase your metabolism and guide you toward your weight loss goals. Dr. Roy A Logan and our chiropractic team are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to healing and health improvements. Our treatments are natural and medication free. We want you to feel your best and to live without pain. If you are struggling to find effective pain relief or pain management, let us show you the benefits of chiropractic care. We personalize your plan to meet your needs, so please schedule your appointment today by calling us at (512) 215-3256.