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Chest Pain Treatment with our Austin Chiropractor

Experiencing chest pain after a minor vehicle accident is usually caused by wearing a seat belt across your chest and abdomen. In fact, "seat belt syndrome" has been diagnosed more frequently in auto accident victims since wearing seat belts became mandatory in the U.S.  Powerful jolts occurring at the moment two cars strike each other significantly increase the restraining force of seat belts that are properly adjusted and secure over your upper chest. In severe cases of seat belt syndrome, chest pain could arise from fractured ribs, bruised ribs and damage to the sternum. If you suffer chest pain after being in an auto accident, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor in Austin for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

chest pain

Symptoms of Whiplash

A strong, sudden jolt that snaps your head back and forth may cause whiplash (cervical acceleration-deceleration injury).  Strains and tears to the tendons and ligaments in your head and neck from whiplash induces a variety of health problems, from blurry vision and dizziness to chest pain, cognitive issues and a severely painful, stiff neck. Many people do not know they have whiplash until soft tissue inflammation has to time to spread and worsen. Auto accident victims failing to see their chiropractor in Austin TX as soon as possible for pain management and treatment may find themselves feeling increasingly tired, irritable and moody as their nervous system health deteriorates. In addition, whiplash exacerbated by displaced spinal vertebrae places extreme pressure on sensitive nerves extending out of the spine and into the body. Fortunately, chest pain resulting from spinal subluxation and soft tissue inflammation can be relieved with chiropractic techniques such as adjustments, electrical stimulation therapy, and rehabilitation therapy.

What is the Difference Between Musculoskeletal Chest Pain and a Heart Attack?

Characteristics of chest pain not likely to be associated with heart problems include:

  • Feeling sharp pains only when you cough or breathe
  • Stabbing pains lasting a few seconds
  • Chest pain confined to a small area
  • Chest pain lasting for hours or even days that is unaccompanied by other symptoms

Schedule an Appointment with Your Austin Chiropractor

Chest pain co-occurring with sensations of squeezing, tightness or burning, diffusion of pain over the chest area and pain extending into your left arm, jaw, back or neck should be evaluated immediately by an emergency room doctor. Some people suffering a heart attack may also break out in a cold sweat, feel nauseous or have difficulty breathing.

If you suffer chest pain after an auto accident, make an appointment with your chiropractor in Austin TX for drug-free chiropractic pain management. Call the Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic in Austin today at (512) 215-3256.