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Chiropractic Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling Matters

The old saying, "You are what you eat" stands to be more realistic then most people realize. If you suffer from obesity related chronic health problems, are struggling to recover from an injury, or just don't feel as vital as you should, then you may be eating wrong types or quantities of foods. Here at Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic, we believe in the value of using multiple healing modalities to help the body achieve optimal function and wellness. That's why our chiropractor offers nutritional counseling for our Austin residents.

Nutritional Counseling AustinWhen you consider that your body relies entirely on the foods you eat to fuel its many physical processes, from cell growth to nerve function, you can see how consuming the wrong fuel can produce the wrong results. The most visible example is obesity. Obesity has become an epidemic in developed countries for a variety of reasons. It's all too easy to grab fatty fast meals or snacks and many people are also uninformed when it comes to what they are consuming. Overeating is also a common response to the emotional stresses of today's fast-paced society. Eating large quantities of foods loaded with sodium, sugars, starches, and chemicals can place a toxic load on your metabolism, making it harder for your body to process fats. Obesity is associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, organ failure, cancer and joint pain.

If you've suffered an injury, your body needs high-quality building materials to heal properly. A diet poor in essential nutrients can actually inhibit your ability to recover. This might mean that you enjoy less of a benefit from chiropractic care!

Wellness Advice from Our Austin Chiropractor

Our Austin chiropractor, Dr. Logan, can put you on the right path toward a healthier you through personalized nutritional counseling, often as a complement to chiropractic care, physical therapy and other healing techniques. For instance, if excess weight is aggravating a spinal misalignment or placing undue strain on weight-bearing joints, a customized diet plan can do wonders to maximize the benefits you receive from chiropractic adjustment. You also need to change your menu so that your body can start removing pent-up toxins. We can devise a detoxification plan to help your body reset its metabolic levels, enabling you to lose weight more effectively and to help keep the pounds off through healthy eating.

Do you need to eat better so you can recover? We can advise you on how to gauge the nutritional content (and the not-so-nutritional content) of the foods you buy and prepare. We can also show you how to make subtle changes in your diet by substituting one kind of protein, fat, or other nutrient for a healthy yet delicious alternative. We can also suggest supplementation as needed to help your body heal as efficiently as possible.

To learn more about Nutritional Counseling or to schedule an appointment, contact our chiropractic office today at 512-215-3256!